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Sendmail From Rewriting

Nathan Rolf
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Sendmail From Rewriting

We are having an issue with rewriting a from header on HP-UX 11.11 with sendmail 8.9.3.

There is an application that is running under a single user for multiple customers. It sends out informational e-mails to the different customers. The application is limited to be able to send out the e-mails with only a single e-mail address. For the various customers, we do address rewriting of the From header. This works fine. The issue, however, is that sendmail pulls the GECOS information for the single user the app is running under and places it in the From header. One customer would like this changed. The others do not. We are experiencing issues on getting this rewritten for the single customer.

The customer is setup with their own mailer configuration. I have tried adding the "c" option to the F field but with no success. Attempts to rewrite using the H headers proved also unsuccessful as it just stripped the information completely for all customers, which is not desirable.

I tried creating a custom H rule similar to the following:

H?J?From: $g$

and then specified J in the F field of the mailer section for the one customer. That did not work either.

Any other options I might have on getting this done?

Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks.
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Re: Sendmail From Rewriting


For a large private hospital group I did
almost exactly the same kind of setup
six years ago.

The short answer with a free and reliable
tool is:

a) Set up a special Unix account on the
server that will accept all email, originally
destined for remote sites;

b) In that Unix account, set up Procmail
filter recipes.

c) Based on Procmail recipes, each email
will have modified headers before
it is sent to remote sites.

Procmail can "forge" and change any kind of
email header...

There are other APIs you could use, but
Procmail is a nice, simple method.



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