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Sendmail is not working.

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Sendmail is not working.

Hi Experts,
We facing an issue with sendmail. In some servers we can able to sendout the mails which is not having the Dj$w.$m. entry in file.
Server which is having the mentioned entry on file mail is not working. We have verified the DS entry which is same on all servers. Here i am attaching the resolv.conf, nsswithch.conf file details.
Thanks in Advance.
Mel Burslan
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Re: Sendmail is not working.

It is very hard to diagnose other people's related problems from afar. There is a O'Reilly book explaining how sendmail works which is as thick as my wrist.

regarding the Dj$w.$m macro, there might be several other things which may have gone wrong and you might be confusing the mail systems elsewhere by presenting your host's name in a conflicting manner.

I strongly suggest you to read the how-to kind of page (it is from the evil empire of sun but it still applies to basically any sendmail) :

pay attention to heading numbers


You might find clues to what else may be wrong in your and correcting those may help.
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Re: Sendmail is not working.

Dear Lijin,

Please look on below URL .. You will resolve the problem yourself...



Michael Steele_2
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Re: Sendmail is not working.

You have several nameservers. Two are in different subnets.


I don't know about the Dj$w entry, but I have seen sendmail die when the server ip is in a different subnet.

Try this: verify your server ip and move the nameserver from the same subnet up into the first position.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Sendmail is not working.


Please post:

sendmail -v -q

Steven E Protter
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Jose Mosquera
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Re: Sendmail is not working.



Plaese ensure that your **relay server** defined in your DS directive  is reachable from this box. If you have defined in your /etc/mail/ file:

Try: #ping

So you must obtain ping response.


Also please try send you a simple mail message with verbose option to trace the behavior:

#echo "Hello"|sendmail -v

Please paste the output of this command


Best rgds.