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Sendmail with Exchange Server 5.5

Fabrício Valeta
Occasional Visitor

Sendmail with Exchange Server 5.5

Hello all !

Someone haved try send a e-mail by sendmail utilizing a Exchange Server ? How make ?

Sorry by my horrible english.

Joseph Chakkery
Valued Contributor

Re: Sendmail with Exchange Server 5.5


Try the following.

U can use mailx command to send mails from HP server via sendmail.

Do the following.
(1) Get SMTP relay host name and IP address (Eg: abcd_relay)

For sendmail to be activated to send mail to

a)put relay hostname to DS on in /etc/mail directory (eg: DSabcd_relay).

b)Create nsswitch.conf in /etc by copying nsswitch.file as nsswitch.conf. (IF DNS is not enabled on ur HP server).

c)Add relay host IP entry to /etc/hosts file. (IP of abcd_relay)

d)Stop and start sendmail dameon again.

After this u can send a test mail using

# cat /etc/hosts | mailx -m -s "Test mail "

Hope this will help u.


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