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Jonathan Grymes
Frequent Advisor


What is latest version of sendmail supported in HPUX 11i (HPUX11.11)
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Re: Sendmail


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Jeff Traigle
Jonathan Grymes
Frequent Advisor

Re: Sendmail

Ok, I thought was a later version. Im trying to mitigate an IAVA finding from a security audit. Im currently at this version:
-bash-3.00$ /usr/sbin/sendmail -bt -d0
Version 8.13.5

I guess my question should have been Is there an HP patch to fix the problem below?


PDI Number: IAVA0520
Finding Category: CAT I
Reference: IAVA 2006-A-0013
Description: There is a sendmail remote execution vulnerability
Status: Open

For example:
IAVA0520: IAVA 2006-A-0013 - Sendmail Remote Execution - has not been applied.

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Re: Sendmail

i would recommend to use sendmail(1M) 8.9.3 if the node is part of a cluster especially if cmversions are B.11.15.0/B.11.16.0.

i had observed the cluster pacthes for these SG versions are depend on a sendmail patch.(PHNE_34936 1.0 sendmail(1M) 8.9.3 patch)