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Serial Port in HP-9000 D-class

David Navarro
Respected Contributor

Serial Port in HP-9000 D-class

Hi all,
I need to configure a serial port on D-class to communicate with an application in a PC. Communications must be with HW flow control, and I need to configure HP9000 port , serial port is in mux with 10 pins RJ45 port, I don't remember P/N. I need to initialize port to 1200bps 8n1. My problem is that I can't remember how to do this, I have done that years ago, I remeber that I must insert a line in innitab file. And I need to change minor in device file.

Any help?
Rainer von Bongartz
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial Port in HP-9000 D-class


You use stty to set parameter of serial devices.

stty 1200 cs8 < /dev/tty...

should be sufficient.

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Re: Serial Port in HP-9000 D-class

Hello David,

setup the UUCP files for that, in "/etc/uucp":

Then you can try with "cu(1M)", to see if everything is
working. The O'Reilly book "Managing UUCP..." would
be helpful, btw...

Trusted Contributor

Re: Serial Port in HP-9000 D-class

Yes, stty is enough. One more point: you need to create the device file first. The easiest way is SAM: peripheral device --> action
You also can use insf or mksf to do so.

man for details.