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Serial port conflicts

Steve Hollington_1
Occasional Contributor

Serial port conflicts

I've added an additional PCI, 2 x serial port card to my Win98SE system to enable call logging from a PABX. The system now experiences freezing and is very slow. I obviously have IRQ/resource conflicts. Can anyone tell me the quickest and easiest way to resolve these conflicts? You may also contact me on cell 0848185696.
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: Serial port conflicts

Hi Steve,
Dependigng on your system there may be 2 wasy, your probably have an conflictwith existing serial ports.
In some systems you can change the onboard resources from the serial ports in the bios.

Otherwise you have to go to devicemanagement, doubelclick on the device that has an conflict.
Go to the Recourse tab.
select anather IRQ that does not cause an conflict.

Is there not an IRQ availebel, you have to change IRQ's of of other devices to free one op. serial can have IRQ 3,4,12,15 if I remeber correctly.

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