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Occasional Advisor


Hi All,
Any other tools or command is their to find the Serial number for machine
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

Tim D Fulford
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

If you computer is L, N, A500 or the new rp you should be able to use mstm or xstm

select system, tab to tools and select information then run.

It may be listed as FRU (Field Replacement Number) as well as serial number.

You can also write a script to do this using cstm... I'm sure other people will reply with this.

Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

echo "sel path system\ninfolog\nexit"|cstm|grep "System Serial Number"

As long as you have the OnlineDiag software installed (you should) the above will work.
Im from Palmerston North, New Zealand, but somehow ended up in London...
Carlos Fernandez Riera
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

I can remeber at least tree:

1- stm

2- /var/opt/ignite/local/manifest/manifest

3- See it on the box.

Use search click on forums, click on bolean ant type serial +number for more responses.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

The only "sure" way is to look at the physical number on the machine. If the system board is replaced then the internal "serial number" will change.

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

Hi Kumaresan

Please also assign marks :

1. print_manifest.
2. sysinfo ( this is a tool genreally carried by HP CE)
3. for the id uname -i , or sam-->performance mon--->system properties

4.xstm or cstm.

Manoj Srivastava
Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: Serialnumber

Harry - when an HP engineer changes the internal system board he is 'supposed' to run ss_config (or its new replacement ss_update) and reset the serial number of the machine back to what it was before the board swap - this way no need to have your support contact updated. We just had a few done and this is what the engineer did.
Im from Palmerston North, New Zealand, but somehow ended up in London...