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Server Booting Failed

Leandro Mainardi
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Server Booting Failed

My server boot failed and the boot message display interpreter "/bin/sh" not found
file link resolves to "/usr/bin/sh"
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Server Booting Failed

That sounds really bad. If your /usr is a different file system, is not mounting, maybe because a file system problem/corruption. You should run fsck.

If you don't have a separate file system for /usr, then you should boot in emergency or rescue mode using the installation CD to verify your file systems and data.
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Re: Server Booting Failed

1.Go to rescue mode using the RHEL installation CD with the boot option:

linux rescue

if vg00 not getting mounted automaically.

2.Try to activate the volume groups by running the commands below:

vgchange -ay

3.If vg00 is acitaved Further fsck test can be done using:

tune2fs -l /dev/vg00/lv01 | grep Block

Take note of the Block size.

e2fsck -b -n /dev/vg00/lv01