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Server migration

Nik Ghazali Nik Su
Occasional Contributor

Server migration

We have HP 9000 L200 server which is used for Oracle database and currently running on version 8i rel 8.1.7. Most of our applications rely on this database. Eventually this database still can use but we are about to change the new server which running on Intel/Itanium based. The issue now is can Itanium base processor support Oracle 8i database or we have to upgrade to the higher version of database e.g 9i or 10g. and if we upgrade database is there any impact to our current application which rely on this 8i database.
Your opion is very much appreciated.
Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: Server migration

Hi Nik,

The final release of Oracle 8i, which is, was only certified for HP-UX 11i for PA-RISC processor, which is de-supported now. For HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23) Itanium processor the certified releases of Oracle are oracle 9.2, Oracle 10g and 10gR2.

If you plan to upgrade Oracle from 8i to 9i then the applications vendors must provide info as to if the application is certified to work on the higher version of Oracle and there may be requirements of re-compiling the code, re-generating the modules, 32-bit and 64-bit issues⠦⠦.etc

So one of the ways would be to get info form the application vendors or if the application is in-house developed, then test and see. As most of your applications rely on this database you will have to set-up a TEST environment, then install Oracle 9i / 10g on a TEST environment, install your applications / copy the code and re-compile and perform a through testing to see if all the functionality of the application is retained as was expected.

I hope this helps

Indira A
Never give up, Keep Trying
Honored Contributor

Re: Server migration

The only certified versions for your Itanium servers are:
Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition Version(s)
10gR2 64-bit
10g 64-bit
9.2 64-bit

If you are planning to upgrade the database, it is preferrable that you test it first!

If Oracle 8i, for instance, you were allowed to used RBO but with newer versions it is now obsolete!

What this means is that some applications may not work as previously and performance may be highly impacted too... for the better or the worst too!

With 10g Database, many items have been obsoleted too! you should go through the obsolescence list.

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Bertman Plummer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Server migration

Question - What release doc would be used to install on HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23) ?