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Setup an outgoing mail for a group

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Setup an outgoing mail for a group


I want to setup a mail account that should forward mails to another mail address and make masquerading of the from field. The diagram is:

|---user3@SMTPserver--- to: XXX@YYY
user2@hostb| from:user3@SMTPserver

I have thought in making an alias to forward the mail and then use the following entry in the user database to masquerade the from field:

user3: mailname user3@SMTP
As this is a production environment I can??t simply try and see what happens. Any help would be welcome.

Regards and thanks,
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Re: Setup an outgoing mail for a group

Hi oiram,

as for the mailing list part of your question, simply add a line to your "/etc/mail/aliases" file like this:

listname: user1@host1, user2@host2, user3@host3

and run "newaliases" afterwards.
But for the masquerading you will have to modify your "/etc/mail/"...

Christopher Caldwell
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Re: Setup an outgoing mail for a group

the genericstable can be used to modify a senders address.

Uncomment the genericstable rulesets in Add rules like


makemap dbm /etc/mail/genericstable < /etc/mail/genericstable

/sbin/init.d/sendmail stop
! to pick up the changes to
/sbin/init.d/sendmail start

You should be able to test the earlier aliases suggestion and the genericstable without worrying too much with production ... test with test addresses.

Keep a copy of your original in case you to need to revert.