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Shut down MSA1000

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Shut down MSA1000

I would like to know if it does exist a comand for Reh Hat 7.3 to make shut down of a StorageWorks MSA1000 linked to server through fiber cables

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Shut down MSA1000

There is software that comes with the StorageWorks Array.

If its installed the command or gui for doing so is in that package.

There is no native command that ships with Red Hat that deals with these types of devices. The standard commands for scsi devices will get you status, not much more.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Olivier Drouin
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Re: Shut down MSA1000

I would say it is safe to unmount the drive on the servers connected and just poweroff the MSA1000. Anybody against that ?
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Re: Shut down MSA1000

I will try to explain better my question.
When the current misses the UPS generates an event that tells to the server to make the drive amounting in order to write the cache and then to shut down.

MSA 1000 remains on and makes the shut down only when the UPS batteries runs down.

I would like to know if, when personnel is missing, there is a more "soft" way to shut down the MSA 1000 than taking off the current.

Thanks again fo your help
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Shut down MSA1000

Welcome to the club! I am interested that feature myself. On the last ENSA@work conference I was in contact with someone from
HP, USA who promised to get me an answer, but I never heard anything from him. All other attempts have been fruitless so far, too :-(

The MSA1000 turns off the cache batteries when the contents of the cache have been written to disk. This is also indicated on the front display of the controller:


When the LED marked X is OFF, there is no cache activity. I hope it is safe to turn off the array in that case.