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Size of file system

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Size of file system

The Filesystem in a system HP-ux of 64 bits is max 1 TERA?

As it is the procedure to do this?
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Geoff Wild
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Re: Size of file system

Your answer is here:

2 TB with 11i


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Chris Vail
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Re: Size of file system

It may be possible to build a system this size, but it is FAR from advisable. We've found that filesystems this big are very difficult to backup and otherwise maintain in a reasonable period of time. We have a couple that are larger than 700GB, and even with StorageTek 9940B's, it takes more time to back up than we really want. Also, you have to consider how thick the bandwidth is between your disks and the server. Even with 4 2GB fiber connections and EMC's PowerPath, we can max out our system pretty quickly.
As a practical matter, we're adopting 256GB filesystems for the forseeable future. Everything runs a little more quickly and smoothely that way.

Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: Size of file system

i think this doc may help you ...
you cann create FS of this size by using normat mkfs command but it's not advisable to have large file systems like 1 ot 2 TB

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