Slackware on BL460c G7

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Slackware on BL460c G7

Hello Experts,

Can I Install slackware 12.1 on Ho BL460c G7 Blade?

Is there any official HP webpage stating YES/NO on the above.

Please share your thoughts.
many many thanks in advance.

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Re: Slackware on BL460c G7

For official HP words, please see "HP Operating Systems and Virtualization Software Support for ProLiant Servers":

In the "Server Matrices" section, you will find more detailed compatibility information.

Apparently, the officially supported Linux distributions are RedHat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux and Debian. In other words, for these distributions, the official answer is "yes".

For all the other distributions, the answer is most likely "HP has not tested it: it might work, or it might not".

Since Linux is open-source software, you can say it *can* be made to work on all modern servers - although the amount of work required may vary. Therefore, one can argue that HP cannot explicitly say "no, it cannot be installed to this hardware" as it could be proven wrong eventually.

Having said that, I think Slackware 12.1 is so new that it has a good chance of working (either mostly or completely) on BL460c G7.

If you have the hardware available, the easiest way to be sure is to try it; if you don't have it, contact your HP representative and see if you can arrange a test somehow (either by HP loaning some hardware to you, or by HP running some quick tests in their own labs.)


Re: Slackware on BL460c G7

Dear MK,

Excellent. Your reply has everthing, I was looking for.

Secondly, I do have the hardware at customer location and slackware was requested to install, before i proceed, i wanted to ensure if its official or not. so that, the amount of work involved can be evaluated.
many thanks for your reply.


Re: Slackware on BL460c G7

as mentioned in my comments.