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Sound on HP Kayak in Linux

Jonathan T Smith
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Sound on HP Kayak in Linux

I've been trying to configure my sound in linux for my HP Kayak XU 6333 for about 2 days now...everything I try fails.....i'm using RedHat 7.0 and i've tried sndconfig & isapnp but neither can configure the device.....i get the message "Device or Resource Busy"...Does anybody know how i can get my sound working?? Any help would be nice...the module for Kayak XU 6333 is AD1816 if that helps.....thx
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
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Re: Sound on HP Kayak in Linux


I am not intimately familliar with the Kayak, however I had a Similar situation with Sound on my 6470Z.

I gave up and replaced both the modem, and sound card with a US Robotics External, and a Enqsonic 1371 sound card.

This may not be what you require as you did not mention anything about a modem.

I am aware of a Sound Driver which is compatible with a great many devices, from a company called 4Front Technologies.

They are available at

I would give them a try after consulting the Sound HOWTO (an excellent resource!)

Have a Great Day!
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Re: Sound on HP Kayak in Linux

This response is a bit late, but I was able to get sound working on my Kayak XU. I went into the BIOS and under the options for the integrated sound device, I specified the parameters of the sound device. So:

Sound I/O = 0x530
SB Pro I/O = 0x220
DMA = 1,0

Run the RedHat setup tool (/usr/sbin/setup) and select the AD1816 sound card with the same parameters, and you should be set.
Jeff Elizondo
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Re: Sound on HP Kayak in Linux

Just thought I'd throw in my thoughts. . .I trained some of our phone support agents on Red Hat 6.2 on some Kayaks that used the same Analog Devices chipset for sound. Some of the systems had no problems, while on some others we has to recompile the kernel to add in support for the AD1816 chip. I think specifying the parameters in the BIOS is a good idea, but if that fails, double check your kernel config.


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