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Source code for "cpqasm" and "cpqevt" kernel modules from hpasm 7.1.0

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Source code for "cpqasm" and "cpqevt" kernel modules from hpasm 7.1.0

I am running Arch Linux on an ancient ProLiant DL 360 G3. I want to stop the fans from running full speed all the time, and this requires running the hpasm package. The newest version of hpasm that supports this server is 7.1.0, which supports the 2.4 series Linux kernel. The two kernel modules which communicate with the iLO require many changes to work with modern kernels.

I have done most of the work of porting these modules, only to discover that I need to make changes to the "casm_common.o" and "cpqevt_common.o" libraries, for which the source code is unavailable.

How can I get the source code for these files?