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Specific user cannot sendmail trough the internet

Griselda Sanchez
Frequent Advisor

Specific user cannot sendmail trough the internet

Hi !
On HP-UX 11.11 ws I have a recent problem. A specific user(user1) who always sendmails to differents domains; today just didn't do it anymore. Now this user only send mails to the same domain of the server, but when it try to send to different domain, the mail.log said (Message accepted for delivery), but the destination never receive the mail.
Then I use another user (example user2) and this user send the mails to differents domain without problem
Someone have an idea what could be the problem?
Rajeev Shukla
Honored Contributor

Re: Specific user cannot sendmail trough the internet

It could be that the user is blocked at the destination mail gateway (spam issue etc..)
The best thing to see it whether its your machine/network/domain issue if not then its surely the destination mail gateway server where they need to look at the logs.
Look at your mail.log and if you see stat=sent and Message accepted for delivery then take the message header and the destination server (relay=????) and trace it at the relay server.
In this case you can get the solution only by tracing the mail right from origin to the destination.