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Sqlplus Error

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Occasional Contributor

Sqlplus Error

I have a user who encountered the following error when trying to connect to sqlplus through Unix.


Pthread internal error: message: __libc_reinit() failed, file: /ux/core/kern/pt3
Return Pointer is 0xc02a9273

Is it a problem with the unix kernel parameters? How do I fix this problem? Much advice appreciated! Thanks.
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Graham Cameron_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Sqlplus Error

There is some stuff on metalink about this.
Seems it may be to do with SHLIB_PATH, which may be pointing at the wrong place.

Can you try these 2 commands

"type sqlplus"
"echo $SHLIB_PATH"

heres what I get on my system...

# type sqlplus
sqlplus is /app/oracle_tmp/product/920/bin/sqlplus
# echo $SHLIB_PATH

Make sure your SHLIB_PATH points to the same $ORACLE_HOME as your sqlplus is in.

If in doubt, post the output of your 2 commands back here.

-- Graham
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Occasional Contributor

Re: Sqlplus Error

Hey Graham, that was a wonderful solution! True enough, when I did a # echo $SHLIB_PATH, it returns "SH'.
I went to edit the .profile and bingo, it runs perfectly. 10 points for you! Thanks!
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