Stale Presentations Stuck

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Stale Presentations Stuck

Good Morning,


I have a system I'm trying to get set up to mirror production to do some testing on, but am having issues clearing out old cruft.  It's an HP-UX 11.11 PA-RISC box older than my kids.


Old SAN presentations (made from various EMC devices) are still being listed in "ioscan -fnC disk".  The presentations were cleared from the SAN three reboots ago, yet are persisting in ioscan.  I did an rmsf -H <device path>, which caused ioscan to list them without device nodes.  Later insf runs caused the device nodes to reappear.  PowerPath used to be on this box, but was removed four or five reboots back.  The Navisphere agent is installed, version 6.something (I can get that if it's important).


ioscan lists them as CLAIMED, but fcmsutil lists them as "DVS_UNOPENED" and attempting to do anything with them results in errors.


I'd like to get this old cruft cleared out so I can focus on new SAN connectivity issues I'm sure will crop up as I get going...  :-)





Ken Grabowski
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Re: Stale Presentations Stuck

Rob, If ioscan -fnC disk shows them as claimed devices, then they are still being presented from the storage array.  They may not be usable, but are visible.  Check with your EMC storage team and make sure they have been completely unmapped and unmasked.