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Standby database

Dallas Blackett
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Standby database


I have a physical standby database using Oracle 9iR2 on HP-UX 11i. I am using 8 parallel recovery processes. My problem is that the standby database struggles to stay up to date with the primary db. The primary db generates about 1500 logs per day (100Mb each). Is there anything I can do to increase the rate at which logs are applied on the standby.

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Re: Standby database

This sounds like a tuning issue or that your stand-by database is too under powered.

If you look at your standby database are you getting any bottlenecks?
e.g. does sar -d 10 10 show any hot disks?
Does top sho high processor utilization (or viewed through sar -c 10 10)
or are you seeing bottlenecks with memory sar -m 10 10)

Can you describe the hardware running on both servers? CPU's, class, RAM, and how the storage is set up? (Fibre, SAN, etc.)