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Start databse

Philip Moorjani
Occasional Contributor

Start databse

hey i hope i put this in the right spot.

does any one know how to find out what the database files are on the hp3000. i think it has an IMAGE database.

and if anyone has any info on how to connect to a database using the QUERY or IMAGESQL programs that would be great.

when i open QUERY and try to set the database using


i get a

"bad data base reference"

i think i might havea the wrong password because when i try to set it to a database that i know dosent exist like i do


i get


once again if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Start databse


maybe have more luck over there in the "mpe/ix" forum, as that is the proper place for your question, I guess.
Try it there:,,169,00.html

Wodisch (who did not work on HP3000 since 1984)
Graham Cameron_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Start databse

Never user IMAGE/3000 but on IMAGE/1000 QUERY you would have to specify the absolute path name for the database root file at that DATA-BASE prompt.
Next it would prompt for password and level, if you get those right you're in.
If you don't know the database root file name you would have to do a full file system scan to find it, and even then you would have to know what you were looking for - there are few conventions.

-- Graham
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