Steps to Install RHEL 5 on DL580

Kumud Singh
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Steps to Install RHEL 5 on DL580

Dear Friends,

I am new to this forum, recently i done full system erase on compaq proliant DL580 and want to install RHEL 5 but it never boots form the installation CD, i have tried using Smartstart 4.94B but failed. Pls. help me to with the steps involved to install RHEL 5 on DL580.

Thank you in advance.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Steps to Install RHEL 5 on DL580


I've done the install.
Best guess:
1) Bad install media (try it elsewhere)
2) Bad DVD/Rom on the system.
3) Misconfiguration of bios so it doesn't boot off DVD/Rom.

If its item three watch bootup at console and check setup options.

Steven E Protter
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Kumud Singh
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Re: Steps to Install RHEL 5 on DL580

Thanks SEP for your reply, but my installation media is perfectly ok, i have used that same media in diffrent machines, secondly my DL580 cdrom is working fine because system boots form smartstart cd perfectly and i don't think its a (misconfiguration of bios) coz its boots well with smartstart cd.
I think the problem is something else..
Pls. Help me...

Kumud Singh
Robert Walker_8
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Re: Steps to Install RHEL 5 on DL580


You could try burning the /images/boot.iso image thats located on the first cd - just copy it down to a cd burner somewhere and burn from image (you shouldnt have a single file on the cd with a .iso - it should contain numerous files).

Boot with that one see if it works - this is a basic loader/installer.

There may be a problem with the first disk - is it damaged in anyway? You should be able to open the CD up under windows and browse the file structure.

What is the output on the screen from the Dl580 - sometimes one has to press a key to boot from CD.