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SuSE SLES 8 on ML 570

Jens Wallner
Occasional Visitor

SuSE SLES 8 on ML 570

We are using SuSE SLES 8 on a HP ML 57Ã G2 with 4 Xeon CPU's (with HT-Technologie).
Firmware Version is P33. Operating system is Linux. Kernel-Version is 2.4.21-198-smp. I think its the last kernel for SLES 8. We installed SP3.
We have a problem with the SMP-Support. Linux recognizes 8 Processors. Thats ok. But if we start 4 processes, the distribution on the cpu's is following:
process 1 cpu 1
process 2 cpu 2
process 3 cpu 3 a
process 4 cpu 3 b
cpu 4 is idle
Is that the nomally behavior with kernel 2.4 or is there any solution to distribute the processes on all 4 cpu's.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: SuSE SLES 8 on ML 570

See this thread.

Lots of good suggestions.

A newer distribution of Linux would probably help a lot.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation