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Submitting Jobs Through Oracle EM to an Oracle OPS 8.1.7 Database

Ron Gordon

Submitting Jobs Through Oracle EM to an Oracle OPS 8.1.7 Database

When I submit a Job from the Oracle Enterprise Manager 9i (EM) Console (or Management Server). The following happens, The status goes from Submitted to Scheduled then hangs. However, the job completes on the server (I am performing the OS command 'cp /tmp/thisfile /tmp/thatfile')
What happens is the job is sent to the HP/SG Package (orapkg1). The Intelligent Agent (I.A.) on the server receives the request, performs the request and the for some unknown reason send a packet back to the EM, but not through the package IP address 'orapkg1' but through the actual lan address. Below is our configuration:

We have an Oracle OPS 8.1.7 on HP/Service Guard this is the configuration.
Node1: Node2:
lan0: oranode1 oranode2
lan1: oraworld1 oraworld2
lan1:1: orapkg1 orapkg2

Because OPS requires a 100BaseT connection we had to put a subnet around lan0 to remove/isolate all Oracle Communication from the rest of the network. Which mean the world communicates through lan1 and specifically the HP/SG Package (orapkg1)

I am looking for somebody who has this type of configuration. To determine if you have the EM job function working.

To restate the question the EM send a request to orapkg1, the I.A. on 'orapkg1' receives and performs the request, but then the I.A. changes the IP address on the response to the EM to 'oraworld1' and the EM keeps waiting for a response from 'orapkg1' but never receives it.

Of course in the $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/snmp_rw.ora the following are set
vpp.node_address= # ie. Orapkg1 IP address