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Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

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Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

Ok, fun question time.

We are currently looking at changing our virus protection software packages to something which is eaiser to maintain.

TrendMicro's Viruswall is runnin currently on all inbound HTTP and SMTP traffic, but client PC's are scattered with regards to protection.

We are not looking to dump the Viruswall (as it works very well), but need something for the PC's.


Linux based server with file shares
20 PC's running Windows 98/2000/XP


Centrally controlled virus checking, monitoring and updating of client PC's (preferably without having to resort to VNC or other desktop-sharing utilities).

The Kaspersky suit currently under investigation, but was wondering if others have experience with similar environments, and what solutions they use.
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Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

Hi ,

I recommend Trendmicro's OfficeScan Corporate Edition.


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Alexander Chuzhoy
Honored Contributor

Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

Hi. We are currently use Trendmicro's antivirus on all our computers (Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 and RedHat Linux) including HTTP and SMTP scans.I highly recommend using the sme product.We used symantec antivirus but since all "welchia" kind viruses we had no choice but to move to something that proves itself.
Best regards.
benoit Bruckert
Honored Contributor

Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

I Stuart,
I'm using Sophos (,
The client side is easy to maintain, I 'm doing quite nothing at all !!
Just every month, I'm unpacking the new engine and store it on a samba server - but check and download of virus patterns are done 3 times every day through a unix script (wget is your friend).
And for the Engine I built a little script which detect If a new Engine is available, and downlaod it if it's the case. At this level, because my server is Unix and not NT, and my Sophos licence is old I had to click manually on 2 buttons to offer to stations the new engine...

Ask if you want more details....

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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

We're a Symmantec NAV(Norton Anti-Virus) shop. Its built into one of our two firewalls, and every desktop PC. The firewall scans all inbound mail and acts as an smtp relay server as well.

I use my PC based software to scan my samba shares on my HP-9000 boxes.

This really doesn't do you much good with the Linux box, but most true viruses are targeted at the Windoze environment.

Our solution is somewhat pricey, but we have been infected only once in the last five years, when a Cisco consultant brought an infected laptop inside our network.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

We have tried using Sophos in the past, and whilst it's nice to be able to have it run on DOMAIN login etc., it hs no easy central management tools.

From what I've looked at, NAV is the same.

We currently use Trend Micro's VirusWall for http/mail traffic, and have had no issues with it. Their PCCillin however leaves much to be desired from the esting we'e done in the past.

I'll look into their corporate package, and assign points to Sivakuma later.

I belive the terms "ugh" and "bugger" come to mind when dealing with AV :P

SEP, we're looking to set up DMZ's inside of your network to deal with stupid-techs-and-infected-laptops.. "No network acces.. Plug in there, you're firewalled to the hilt!" part of the network :P
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Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Suggestions for Virus protection solutions

U.Sivakumar, Trend Micro's package sounds damn near perfect, with one exception:

Requires the 'server' to be installed under NT.

But excellant suggestion none-the-less, Thanks.
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