Suse Linux 8.0 not recognizing HP SureStore DAT24x6

Don Pettini
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Suse Linux 8.0 not recognizing HP SureStore DAT24x6

I have Suse Linux 8, running on a Compaq 8500r, with a 4200 series RAID card. I have one external array connected to the 4200.

I have connect an HP SureStore 24x6 to this system, when booting the device is detected as SCSI ID 5 on the built-in SCSI of the 8500(it is the only external device on the bus), but when the operating system boots, the operating system does not discover the device and add it to /dev/st* as one expects. I have /dev/st0 and /dev/st1 but neither response to a mt -f /dev/st* command, I have verified that the multi-lun kernel parameter is set, as well as SCSI tape. Are there Unix tools to scan the SCSI bus and report through the OS what is seen?

I believe the tape drive itself is OK as I pulled it from backup on a Win2K system.

I have also verified the switch on back for the autoloader options at 7, dip switches on bottom at switch 3 off, all others on. Changing these to autoload switch setting of 5 or dip switch 8 to off didn't change anything...

Any help here greatly appreciated.
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Stuart Browne
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Re: Suse Linux 8.0 not recognizing HP SureStore DAT24x6

Ok, I'm going to assume correct SCSI termination is in place etc., as you said that the BIOS recognises the device correctly.

Do you know if the appropriate SCSI driver for the onboard controller is loaded at system boot-up?

You might need to check in /proc/{ioports,interrupts} to see which drivers are loaded if they aren't modular (if they are, 'lsmod' should show).

If the SCSI driver for the controller is loaded, then what do the contents of '/proc/scsi/scsi' say?

Last question. Was the external auto-loader powered on when the machine powered on?

I've seen some machines ahve issues with external devices powering on after the controller has power. Just a thought. I've unfortunately not tried this series of machine before.
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