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Swap Question

Regular Advisor

Swap Question

I have system with 20G of swap and 12G of main memory.

lvol2 8G Priority : 1
lv_swap1 12G Priority : 0

If the system start swapping which will be used first ? Will it interleave ?

Is there any program/commnad/utility to bring the system to its keens temporarily ( and recover from it too :) say to 70 to 90% swappping ?

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Swap Question

Well your instincts are right to question this. Swap priorities should all be the same or performance problems will develope. Use 1 instead of 0. Lowest priorities are used first and then higher priorities will be used. There is no interleaving.

Regarding "...knees...", try STM for excercising or multiple 'find' commands. 'find' is a recursive search.
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