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Sybase 12 can't start up

Edgar Alejandro
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Sybase 12 can't start up

I had those errors everytime that I want to start a dataserver up

before all
00:00000:00005:2002/02/22 18:56:31.40 server Cannot allocate a gtrid object descriptor. Retry later, or a user with System Administrator (SA) role to reconfigure your system for more total memory.
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Andreas D. Skjervold
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Re: Sybase 12 can't start up


Wild guess: Increase your shmmax parameter setting equal to physical memory...

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Dennis J Robinson
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Re: Sybase 12 can't start up

Looks like your buffer pools are setup too big for amount of physical memory on the box.

You need to shrink your buffer pools so that when dataserver is up that there is some memory left over on the box.

Let see the entire errorlog when you try to startup, also the config file.


Dennis J Robinson
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Mike Hassell
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Re: Sybase 12 can't start up


I know you're working with Sybase ASE 12, however the following tech doc from Sybase may give you some idea of what is going wrong:

There are two things that come into play here:

1. Kernel paramters that effect shared memory (SHMAX, etc.)
2. Enabling the dataserver binary to utilize a large amount of shared memory.

Use the following syntax to enable the dataserver binary to utilize large amounts of shared memory:

/usr/bin/chatr -M $SYBASE/bin/dataserver

Take the value given in your sybase config file for 'total memory' and multiply this by 2048 to determine how many bytes of memory you are trying to give to Sybase and then ensure that your kernel parameters are set high enough to meet this setting. If you are using more than 1.75GB, than use 'chatr' on the binary and you should be set.

If you have any other problems, read up on the install procedures found here:;pt=asg1192e

Hope that helps.

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