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Sybase error: "kernel nrpacket: recv, Connection time out"

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Sybase error: "kernel nrpacket: recv, Connection time out"

The Sybase logs show me the next message:

"kernel nrpacket: recv, Connection time out"

My system is HP-UX 10.20 /s800.
I'm looking for information to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: Sybase error: "kernel nrpacket: recv, Connection time out"

Hi Marco,

I found an FAQ for Sybase at, it contained the following information;


Explanation of "nrpacket: recv, Connection timed out"


I occasionally see the following message in my error log:

nrpacket: recv, Connection timed out.
What does it mean?

This is an OS error message. It is raised when SQL Server calls the recv function, but the connection has failed either before or during the recv function. It is not a SQL Server error; SQL Server merely reports it.

There are a few reasons why the connection might have failed:

The client exited without going through a disconnect, as when someone switches off their PC. (This is the most likely cause.)
The network is extremely busy and is dropping packets.
KEEPALIVE is disabled for the OS, so TCP/IP times out the connection when the client has been idle for some time.

--end quote

Could be a client abnormally exited their session.

Hope this helps