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System Management page not fully displaying, during Array rebuild

Occasional Contributor

System Management page not fully displaying, during Array rebuild


We have an HP DL380 with 6400 controller to a MSA30 containing failed 300gb\10k\ultra320scsi disk, currently rebuilding to the spare. Logical drive size of 2TB.

As the rebuild is still running 12 days after disk failure, we were relying on The HP SYSTEM MANAGEMENT HOMEPAGE to show us rebuild progress.

Last checked (day8) 17/4 we were at 32%. We logged in yesterday and HP SMH states taht 'A timeout occured' and looking in the SMH logs it now states UI TIMEOUT - SEVERITY=2

There was an SNMP error message and the service had stopped. I have since restarted the service, but still we cannot view the full information so are totally blind now to Array rebuild progress. The ACU just shows its still building.

We are suffering severe performance issues on this server even though the array rebuild priority is LOW. So keeping the relevent departments updated with progress, and for our peace of mind, I need to try and get this system management status homepage populating all the data again so I can check progress WITHOUT rebooting the server.

Any help or advise at all on getting me back my management tools (best services to restart)?? without having to reboot AND without losing my rebuild progress!!! I dont know what services effect the process and we cant risk this rebuild falling over.

Many thanks all!!
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: System Management page not fully displaying, during Array rebuild


That is too long.

Multiple disk failure is likely.

You will need to replace the disks that have failed and restore the data from backup.

I don't believe the rebuild will ever finish.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: System Management page not fully displaying, during Array rebuild


Thanks for the comment.

On physical inspection all disks are green and active except the one failed, and the end 'spare' is reguarly pulsing which is typical (we have a 2nd msa30 shelf and 6400 controller and a disk went a few months ago. 1tb rebuilt/and rebuilt new disk in 5 days)

Some of the forums say that rebuild worse case scenario can take 4gb/hr so we are guessing 21 days (this is a heavily used machine for I/O requests)

we also esclated via our HW support to HP and they say this is 'normal'

We dont like it, but have to accept it unfortunately. We dont want to touch the disk array whilst its rebuilding the spare. Should it 'fallover' (HP's terminology) wed have to start again. As this has been rebuilding for over a week, backups struggle nightly (MSL6030 device with ultrium cassettes only backing up at a rate of 22mb/pm) :( so dont trust the data.

So, any tips on kick starting the management homepage, or any experiences of long rebuilds will be really greatfully received