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System Memory is 83% of total

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M Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

System Memory is 83% of total

Glance reports System Memory is 6.6 GB out of total Phys Mem of 7.9 GB. Worse, the System Memory seems to be leaking.

1) How do I tell what's using System Memory?

2) We recently upgraded to NFSv4 and the latest NFS patches, but started having these memory issues so we then rolled back to NFSv3 (what we'd previously been using). Could there be some residual settings or changes that didn't get rolled back? Does NFS run in System Memory?

Thank you for your help!

Other info:
v11.31, ia64 rx7620
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: System Memory is 83% of total

kmeminfo is an unsupported HP tool to review memory usage. Either contact HP for a copy or search through this forum.

With it you may be able to indirectly ID what kernel param is overtuned.

This should not show up under system mem but, what is your filecache_max set to ?

M Pasquale
Occasional Visitor

Re: System Memory is 83% of total

filecache_max is Auto (not Static or Dynamic).

It's currently 405291212.
The boot value is Automatic.
The default value is 4052910080.
Usage is 98.8%.

Yes, the default value is 10 digits while the current value is only 9.
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: System Memory is 83% of total

Depending on the type of service this server provides you may wish to tweek it to get some memory back ( but this is probably another topic, for a DB server small cache, for NFS server big cache). Also, the filesystem cache is NOT included with the glance SYS Mem total so we are off point.

Below is an example of what the simple form of kmeminfo can show. Use it to guide you on what arena is using the 6.6GB in the kernel. ( example is of an 11.31 system with 4GB ram, I am not saying the this example is tuned to the ultimate)

tool: kmeminfo 5.19
unix: /stand/vmunix 11.31 64bit IA64 on "uxserver1"
core: /dev/kmem live
link: Fri Apr 11 13:56:35 CDT 2008
boot: Thu May 8 10:02:27 2008
time: Tue Oct 7 09:45:06 2008
nbpg: 4096 bytes

Physical memory usage summary (in page/byte/percent):

Physical memory = 1043493 4.0g 100%
Free memory = 250849 979.9m 24%
User processes = 124584 486.7m 12% details with -user
System = 557128 2.1g 53%
Kernel = 557114 2.1g 53% kernel text and data
Dynamic Arenas = 218882 855.0m 21% details with -arena
vx_buffer_kmcac = 32384 126.5m 3%
vx_global_kmcac = 30769 120.2m 3%
spinlock_arena = 27174 106.1m 3%
misc region are = 15806 61.7m 2%
FCACHE_ARENA = 15665 61.2m 2%
Other arenas = 97084 379.2m 9% details with -arena
Super page pool = 229277 895.6m 22% details with -kas
Static Tables = 78083 305.0m 7% details with -static
pfdat = 50951 199.0m 5%
text = 9933 38.8m 1% vmunix text section
vhpt = 8192 32.0m 1%
bss = 4866 19.0m 0% vmunix bss section
inode = 1792 7.0m 0%
Other tables = 2347 9.2m 0% details with -static
Buffer cache = 14 56.0k 0% details with -bufcache
Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: System Memory is 83% of total


As said above, kmeminfo is the HP internal tool which will provide the details required by you. For that you have to contact HP only.

#kmeminfo -> will provide cumulative usage.
#kmeminfo -user -> will provide process wise memory usage
#kmeminfo -arena -> will provide arena details
Best wishes,