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System tools

I would like to measure the system resource utilization on system , eg . CPU , memory , HD etc. can suggest what tools , application can provide such system information ? thx.
Martin P.J. Zinser
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Re: System tools

If you are looking for something graphical KDE System Guard might fit the bill.

From a console top is a classic.
Graham Cameron_1
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Re: System tools

Have you looked at the "standard" unix stuff?
man sar
man iostat
man vmstat
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Patrick Van Humbeeck
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Re: System tools

I guess you're rather looking for an accounting/stats collecting app like sar but you may also want to look at gkrellm2 ( ).

It's more of a desktop widget with skins and all but it does not only look cool, it's also great to keep an eye on what a server is doing in real time, and it has a daemon part that runs on remote nodes to allow monitoring of several systems.
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Re: System tools

If its just report you probably have sar up and running on your system .. try the following

ls -l /var/log/sa/

I fthis return files like sar11 or some such then click on you terminal to get a big screen and type

# cat /var/log/sa/sar11 | less

This is the log accumalated information collected by crontab

# sar -A

Will return information present system statistics.

to output to file have a try at

# sar -b 1 10 -o tempo.dat

and to display

# sar -f tempo.dat

a man sar is long but usefull

Its not to hard to import those sar into spreadsheet to display as grahics.


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Steven E. Protter
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Re: System tools

Attaching some data collection scripts.

This was written for hpux but can be adapted relatively easily to collect data into a file.

Steven E Protter
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