TCP Tunnable Parameters

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TCP Tunnable Parameters


Looking for some information on TCP tunnable parameters in linux,

please suggest some good site, which explains about the parameters and how to change them,,,

Balaji N
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Re: TCP Tunnable Parameters

see if this helps.

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Re: TCP Tunnable Parameters


If you will explain more about what you want
to tunne in the TCP on linux it will help.
You can check the books TCP (Network) from
the O'reilly also good book linux hacking exposed.

Jerome Henry
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Re: TCP Tunnable Parameters

Balaji suggested one of the best one, even though it looks old, it's still fully appliable to recent kernels.

Here's another source, reffering to kernel 2.4 :

Just ask here if some terms seem unfamiliar to you.

Have a nice week end.

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Re: TCP Tunnable Parameters

My problem is ,, over the WAN i'm trying to send data to a solaris 8 machine,,, after 1 hour the socket connection goes SYN_SENT state, so what all do i need to check

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Re: TCP Tunnable Parameters

Hi Chakri ,

kindly look in to the problem in this perpective. why are we not getting SYN_ACK back from the destination host to your source host ?.

But please don't search for a solution to avoid SYN_SENT state in your source host.

Any Silent Drop rule in netscreen firewall for that destination host and for that particular destination TCP port ?.

Have you analysed the log files of netscreen firewall with log filtering for the packets from your source host ?

Have you run a packet sniffer in your destination host behind the firewall and
researched whether your destination actually receives SYN from your source host ?

What is the round trip time between your source host and destination server ? ( use ping and traceroute to find RTT overall and hop-wise ) ?

Do you have this problem for all the destination hosts hosted behind firewall in the remote network or only for this particular destinaton host and service ?


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