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TNS Configuration In ORACLE

Occasional Contributor

TNS Configuration In ORACLE

Hello to all ITRC Member,

I am having 8 server running different databases and are in LAN.
We can access the database of one server from other server throuh SQL*net.
How can I restrict the access to database from perticular Server(node).
Is it possible to restrict it at user level.

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Re: TNS Configuration In ORACLE


You want to disable a paticular server
contacting the particular database....

Remove the that database alias entry
from that server tnsnames.ora file.

Stefan Farrelly
Honored Contributor

Re: TNS Configuration In ORACLE

If you want to restrict it by user then best to use the /var/adm/inetd.sec file which allows you to allow/disallow by IP - as long as each user is using a different PC/IP. Check which tcp port sqlnet is using (1521?) and thats all you need to start adding entries into inetd.sec
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Re: TNS Configuration In ORACLE

Yes,you can restrict the user from SAM too.
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Javier Ballesteros
Occasional Contributor

Re: TNS Configuration In ORACLE

Restricting access by /var/adm/inetd.sec to port 1521 (or whatever) doesn't work because this file prevents inetd to START a service to that port if the address is not allowed. But if the service is ALREADY RUNNING (as is the Oracle listener), inetd does allow the connection.
There is a file you can create to specify which machines (IP addresses) can access via SQL*Net your database (this works for Oracle 7.3.4, I don't know at later releases).

# su - oracle7
# cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
# vi protocol.ora
tcp.validnode_checking = yes
ipc.validnode_checking = yes
tcp.invited_nodes = (IPaddress1, ... IPaddressN)
icp.invited_nodes = (IPaddress1, ... IPaddressN)
# chmod 644 protocol.ora
# lsnrctl // restart the listener to take this file into account
LSNRCTL> stop cgc
LSNRCTL> start cgc

Hope this helps.
JosT M. del Rfo

Re: TNS Configuration In ORACLE

The following worked for oracle 8.1.6 :

create protocol.ora in $TNS_ADMIN directory with

tcp.excluded_nodes= (,,) (examples of IPs)

Stop and restart listener.ora


PS: feedback (and points ;-) appreciated.