TV-OUT Ubuntu 6.10? i915GM/910GML

Allan Nogueira
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TV-OUT Ubuntu 6.10? i915GM/910GML

HI Guys,

It is my first post here! So sorry if i'm posting in a worng place (and sorry for my english!)...
I would like to conect my TV on my laptop (HP Pavilion DV4000/4150)... And i'm using the Ubuntu Linux 6.10.

So what i need to do to use my TV as my second display?

Thank you,

Allan Nogueira
Steven E. Protter
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Re: TV-OUT Ubuntu 6.10? i915GM/910GML


You found the right place.

To answer your question I would need to know what kind of TV you have.

Most tv's have an s-vhs connector, which would connect to an output with the same connector on a TC card in your Ubuntu box. Without a tv card, you are kind of out of luck.

Steven E Protter
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Allan Nogueira
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Re: TV-OUT Ubuntu 6.10? i915GM/910GML

So I wanna conect my Laptop, like a second display with a simple cable S-VHS to RCA.
The driver for windows gives this options.
My TV hasn't the S-VHS conector, so I will have to use the cable S-VHS to RCA, like I do with my DVD for example.

Thank you