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Dean rayan
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Tape backup

i am using HP ML 370 G3 server and DAT 72 tape drive. And i am using fedora linux core 2. And body please tell about good,fast and reliable backup. And if anybody have auto backup script(DAy,week and month wise) please send it to me.

Thanx in advance

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Re: Tape backup

Fedora core 2 is Linux so it will run Amanda, Mondo, tar, rsync, dump, ...

If you do a search in this forum (search on backup linux gives 50 notes files )

In the results of this search you will find many valid pointers and the responses to your questions.

I use Mondo and a mixture of tar, rsync in crontab to do this, but its realy home cooking.. and to specific, well it workes for me.


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Re: Tape backup

Check Arkeia light out:

For personal, small business etc.. This is free.
I use it at work for the last 3 years, so far it has done it's job very well..
Chris Eubank
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Re: Tape backup

Dean, I highly recommend doing some testing with Mondo Rescue. It's a fantastic program!