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Technical Information required for Smart Modular "Riptide" modem

Rohit Dean_1
Occasional Visitor

Technical Information required for Smart Modular "Riptide" modem

Does anyone (including HP Technical Support) know of any free resources
available on the web where I can get technical information about the Conexant
K56Flex winmodem. I am basically fed up trying to find a Linux device driver
for this, and am contemplating writing my own.
Thanx in advance
Rohit Samson Dean
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
Honored Contributor

Re: Technical Information required for Smart Modular "Riptide" modem


I am not with HP, however I do work on their equipment. The Riptide device is not support under Linux as it is a Windows Software Based Product.

I too was caught by trying to get the Modem and Audio to work under windows. I previously had a US Robotics External Modem and had to buy a Cheap Audio board in order to get them to work with Linux.

Unfortunately there are MANY Manfucturers which do not supply the Software Information to make these Windows based components run in a More Open Environment.

The short answer is, it doesn't wortk with Linux.

Hope this Helps!
Sr. Systems Consultant @ ABS Computer Technology, Inc. &
Rohit Dean
Occasional Visitor

Re: Technical Information required for Smart Modular "Riptide" modem

Thanx to ESC demo user, and Albert Whale for their answers. I had already checked out the ususal suspects (conexant, smart modular technologies, HP, intel, etc.) before making this last ditch attempt of posting my requirements here.
Oh yes - Albert, I have already signed the driver petition. Thanx for reminding me though.
I should add that the AMC '97, and AMR generic specifications by intel is about as close I came to getting the technical specs for the riptide modem as someone could. I think that if Conexant doesn't release a LINUX driver for the Riptide soon (or at least some REAL technical information) , we will have to rely on the Win world to be our window to the world of dial up communications.