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Temporarily break bootable root mirror

Cindy Wolford
Frequent Advisor

Temporarily break bootable root mirror

Hi again!

We have installed MirrorDisk/UX and mirrored our boot disk (and the mirror is bootable).

We checked by rebooting and did bo alt to ensure that everything was was.

We'd like to update our 11.0 system to the latest patch bundle, December 2002. But, we are nervous and were wondering if we can do the following:

1. Break our mirrored root drive
2. Install the patch bundle
3. Test and ensure that everything is ok
4. If all is fine, remirror and if we encounter problems, we can still boot with our mirrored drive and resync so we are back to our original system before applying the patch.

So two questions:
1. Can this be done?
2. Do I just use lvsplit and lvmerge to accomplish this?

Jerome Baron
Respected Contributor

Re: Temporarily break bootable root mirror


I think that "lvreduce -m 0" stop mirroring.
And after manip done lvextend -m 1.

Jochen Heuer
Respected Contributor

Re: Temporarily break bootable root mirror

Hello Cindy!

With just lvsplit and lvmerge it's not that simple since the splitted lvols are not directly bootable (if I remember correct). Furthermore there was a bug in a specific lvm patch where a vg with a splitted lvol could not be activated anymore!

So I think a better way is this:

- shut down the system
- remove mirror disk
- but up with quorum check disables (at ISL> hpux -lq)
- now do the upgrade

If everything worked fine re-insert mirror disks and run vgsync. If something went wrong shut down the system, insert mirror disks again and boot from there and then do the sync the other way around.

Furthermore its always a good idea to have a working ignite tape at hand :-
Well, yeah ... I suppose there's no point in getting greedy, is there?
Honored Contributor

Re: Temporarily break bootable root mirror

In my option, I would suggest a better way to apply patch, using Ignite-UX to backup the root disk, then applying the patch. I think it is safe and simpler than what you are trying to do.

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Temporarily break bootable root mirror

I agree with the last respondant. The best way is to create an ignite tape (two would be better) and then do your patch upgrade. If it all turns bad, you have your ignite tape in which to boot from. Your mirror disk/ux is for two reasons. The first is for splitting so that you can do data backups if required. The second if for hardware failure.
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