Terminal Emulator

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Justin Burrell
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Terminal Emulator

I was wondering if there is a good terminal emulator out thre to connect to HP3000 machines from linux? I have heard of freevt3k but all the links I find seem to be dead. Any help would be great.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Terminal Emulator

I've had no issues other than keyboard annoyances using Linux gnome terminal windows to install and administer HP-UX boxes.

Just have to remember I'm not on the Linux box, since escape k goes to previous command instead of the arrow keys.

Its really mental gymnastics.

I use a windows terminal to administer both, its called putty

It works as telnet or ssh and I use it for HP-UX and Linux 7.3

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benoit Bruckert
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Re: Terminal Emulator

The url for freevt3k !
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Balaji N
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Re: Terminal Emulator

i use the standard xterm available on linux boxes. works fine.
you could try konsole as well.

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Rick Beldin
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Re: Terminal Emulator

If you really adminstering MPE systems, you might want to check out this terminal emulator, Gfox:


Here are some of its features:

* Approved by Hewlett Packard
* Runs under X-Windows (X11).
* Supports standard HP terminal colour graphics commands.
* Full block mode capability.
* Start up command line options
* Simultaneous display of 16 colours from a colour table of 64 colours
* Separate foreground and background colours definable on startup
* Standard mapping of keys to functions as defined by HP's standard template
* Window size can easily be adjusted
* Motif Application
* Full cut and paste Gfox to Gfox & Gfox to other X applications

Systems Supported

* SUN BSD & SOLARIS 2.1 to 2.5
* HP 9000/300 HP-UX 9.0 and above
* HP 9000/400
* HP 9000/700
* HP 9000/800
* PC's running SCO UNIX V/386 (Version 3.2.4)
* PC???s running X server display
* Linux 2.0.x and 2.2.x
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Justin Burrell
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Re: Terminal Emulator

I appreciate everyone's help. The freev3k was definetly the one I had in mind, but was having trouble finding a good link. Some of the standard terminals don't run MPE applications in them right that is why I needed a HP300 or vt700/92 emulator. Thanks.
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John Meissner
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Re: Terminal Emulator

I use several methods :)
I run Red Hat linux 7.3 and 8.0 and use xterm - Linux is nice becuase it uses a X environment and I can export my display to my linux box.

From windows I use several methods....

Exceed - licensed software which is expensive but allows you to have X windows session and have your own CDE or Gnome desktop.

Reflections - licensed software which is basically the same as a terminal window

Cygwin - freeware - great product available at:
this runs a linux prompt from within Windows - you can also run an X session just like Exceed but this is free. Very nice product.

Putty - freeware - available from http://www.tucows.com Putty will allow you to login using telnet or ssh and it basically looks like a terminal or dos window. I like this product also.
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