Terminal emulation

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Terminal emulation

Hi folks,

I need to install a terminal emulator on my windows pc so as to connect to Red hat 9 station.

I look forward having linux look and feel: connecting via telnet or ... and having exactly the same linux graphical interface but from my windows pc.

I tried WRQ reflection X 8 but I do not have the desktop env.

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Re: Terminal emulation


First you have telnet that you can use as
a telnet in linux.

Program like Excide is also with win x server.

benoit Bruckert
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Re: Terminal emulation

to get the desktop env, you can have it with reflection X, but you have to configure properly xdm on the linux side (reply to xdmcp requests...)
hope that help
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Steven Lowette
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Re: Terminal emulation

Putty is a nice ssh client. Great for text-based access (better to avoid telnet for security reasons).

For graphical stuff, Exceed (not Excide) is very good, but I think it's not for free.

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Re: Terminal emulation

Sorry wrong write,
Exceed and not Excide.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Terminal emulation

Exceed Hummingbird is pretty nice but a license rungs $500.

For just connecting and working without X Windows, I have two good choices for you.

Netterm http://www.netterm.com

PuTTY is fully ssh compliant and connects in a secure way with encrypted passwords, if you tell it to use ssh and port 22.

You need the OpenSSH server peice installed on the Linux server.

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Re: Terminal emulation

As far as logging in with a graphical interface, you can use Cygwin's implementation of X (http://cygwin.com/xfree). It is able to use XDMCP to "pull" a Gnome / KDE session from a Linux box to a Windows box. I use it frequently at home -- and it's open source and free! In addition to installing Cygwin on your Windows box, you will need to enable XDMCP on your Linux box as well.

The Cygwin package also includes an SSH client as well as many of the commands and command-line features of Unix / Linux... like the bash shell.

It does have a rather goofy installer, which will appear to hang (and report itself as "not responding" in Windows XP) but stick with it, it works!

Hope that helps...

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Balaji N
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Re: Terminal emulation

its almost two months since i am using a Windows Desktop (sigh! some s/w i need to use at work doesnt run on a Linux box). i have been using Cygiwn with XFree and Wmaker. its cool. Provides a great interface and the ease of working with command line. u have all those unix tools on ur windows box.

its a must have if u need a unix like environment on windows.

also provides a solution for the OP's X server issue.

-balaji (somehow solved my long time itch to rant about Windows and praise Cygwin)
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