Re: The system hangs up!

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Morten Bergsjo
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The system hangs up!

Hi there!

I have tried a lot of foras for my problem and nobody has been able to give an answer:

I have a NetServer LH3000 on with SuSE 7.3 and Oracle 9I.

The system hangs up on me when I use:
- Starting Netscape
- Oracle Enterprise Manager Console
- SqlPlus to start/stop a database
- Start Oracle Enterprise Manager
- Oracle Database configuration assistant
- It has also hung up when I used YaST2

If I wait the whole night the system will eventually return the prompt and operate as normal until it hangs again. I have 1gb ram and 2gb swap. I am getting more and more convinced that this is related to hardware and X. Does anyone know somethig about this (please)?

Morten Bergsjo
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Paul R. Dittrich
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Re: The system hangs up!

My only thought is that X is heavily dependent upon proper network configuration so perhaps you have a problem there? I'd start with DNS but double-check *everything*.

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Re: The system hangs up!

I'm sure the Xserver has bolted.

Start up the server and see if you can get an XDM login from a remote system.. export your display and try to start them up..

If you want to run it locally you may want to ensure your XServer config matches your card correctly.

I'd say it's chewing up on some Graphic acceleration..
Try the option noaccel or use the SVGA server or a lower resolution.

It works for me (tm)
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: The system hangs up!


This sounds as a problem with your graphics adapter. You may not have the proper driver.

If I were you, I would try to isolate the problem by doing this :

=> Make sure that the local X11 server is not started at boot (in /etc/inittab : set initdefault to 3).

=> Use all graphic applications remotely using export DISPLAY.

If it hangs again, you are definitely sure that it is not a X11 or graphics adapter problem.

Another point : are you sure that your Java Virtual Machine is properly setup for your Linux distro ? There may be problems with the version of glibc you are using.

Good luck.

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Eric Ladner
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Re: The system hangs up!

Also, check XFS (the font server). I've seen X do some funny things when it can't communicate to the font server and/or the font server has a bad font file.
Eric Ladner
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Re: The system hangs up!

(Forgot to put this in the last message)

Another thing to try is to open a terminal and start a 'top'.

When you run one of these commands, see what's spiking to the head of the list in top. That'll be a good clue as to where the problem really lies.
Morten Bergsjo
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Re: The system hangs up!

I have been in contact with SuSE and they suggested to upgrade the kernel from 2.4.10 to 2.4.16. This made the difference! When I force the system it may stagger a bit but so far it has not frozen again.

Thank you all for the interest you showed for my problem.
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