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Tool like xcopy needed

Occasional Contributor

Tool like xcopy needed

Hi all
I need a Tool like Xcopy/ xxcopy/Lxcopy.
It should be freeware.
A date function is required. wich picks the newer date and replace the older file.
(no static date)
And it have to copy Subfolders.
I need one wich works with Win2000 + XP

The problem:
The xcopy tool from Win2003 is not compatible with Win2000.
I post the error message...(in german)
(a procedure was not found in a dll)

Massimo Bianchi
Honored Contributor

Re: Tool like xcopy needed

Did you try robocopy, from the MStoolkit ?

attached !

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Re: Tool like xcopy needed


Have you heard about NUTS?Checkout this tool(its free)

Network Administrators UTilities Set, is a collection of free programs for IT professionals.

Is this for copying/mirroring

MM - For any network with Win9x/NT/2000 clients.
With this tool you can replicate (mirror) a selected folder/drive from server to a workstation,
for backup purpose.

Never tried in Win XP but works fine in Win 2000.Give it a try..

Thanks & Regards
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Re: Tool like xcopy needed

Robocopy + NUTS(MM) dosn't support one of the mainfunction i need! (take the file with newer date and replace the older file.

Tanx anyway for your effort.