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TopTools text redirection for Linux servers

Gregory Lee

TopTools text redirection for Linux servers

I have the TopTools card installed on my Netserver (LC2000) running RH7.1. I want to try the text redirection feature of the card, i.e. being able to see what is actually on the screen locally.

All works well; I can remotely see the boot-up sequence of the server. However, I can't seem to be able to input text (like Ctrl-M to access the NetRAID config).

Does anyone know if this feature is supported? It'll be good because then I can still remotely log onto my Linux server if my ssh daemon fails for example.

It seems that for NT, you are able to input text/key strokes.

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Re: TopTools text redirection for Linux servers


You should be able to input text from text console. For example, you can do login from the text console.

FYI, Top Tools Remote Control Card should be in PCI slot 1, if you are using LC2000.
This is recommended slot.

You know, LILO has a TTRC option.
You may want to specify this option when you compile the source. (See the readme for detail).

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