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Transfer files to network

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Transfer files to network

The other day I was asked if there was a way copy some files from my server (HP-UX 11.0) to our W2k server. I am not sure if there is a way to do that so I thought I would ask if anyone here knows the answer.
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Re: Transfer files to network

NFS? Samba (CIFS)?


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Re: Transfer files to network

1) FTP -- there is an FTP client on NT
B) Samba aka CIFS/9000 -- probably your most transparent method. This lets a UNIX box emulate a Windows share in either direction
III) NFS - there are NFS Clients and Server suites for NT (e.g.
4) Variation of 1: Use Perl's Net::FTP module to automate FTP transfers.

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Re: Transfer files to network

For one time only use, use ftp from the W2K server to the HP-UX box.

You'll need a valid logon account and nothing more.

ftp is built into both operating systems and by default ftp is enabled on most HP-UX installations.

If you are gonig to be doing this regularly, then NFS is an option, but you'll need a NFS client for the Windows box.

If you want to do this regularly and for free, download and install these two products on the HP-UX box:

swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s /full_path_of _the_depot_you_downloaded \*

They are already built into the Windows box.

If you run into specific issues, go ahead and post them back.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Transfer files to network

1) you could install (and config) samba on the 11.0 server and mount either way: a filesystem of the W2k server on the HP-UX server or the other way around.
2) use ftp (don't forget the difference of the ascii modes between W2k and real OS's like HP-UX)
3) use ssh/scp/sftp. Putty has nice solutions for that on the W2k server, openssh works fine on HP-UX
4) install NFS client on W2k server to mount NFS exported filesystem of the HP-UX server.
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Re: Transfer files to network

Make sure ftp server is working on ur w2k server. then use ftp as usual. only user name will be Administrator or any user existing on w2k server. rest r same.

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Re: Transfer files to network

Hi, using Folder Transfer from is a good and easy way to transfer files from network to network.