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Triggers were not fired during import of data


Triggers were not fired during import of data

Hello Gurus,

I am trying one simple operation on Oracle9i DB. I am exporting a table data and trying to import it back. The triggers associated with the insert operation for this table are not being fired during import. Here is the commandline i am using to achieve the same.

1) Exporting the table data.

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/exp SMS_60/SMS_60 file=callfwd.dmp tables=callFwd_customerList TRIGGERS=Y

2) Importing the same data.
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/imp SMS_60/SMS_60 file=callfwd.dmp tables=callFwd_customerList ignore=Y

Import ends with success with all the rows imported in the table but the triggers associated to this "insert" operation. Please help if i am missing something in terms of options for import and export utilty ?

Best Regards
Elmar P. Kolkman
Honored Contributor

Re: Triggers were not fired during import of data

This is normal behaviour... If you want to have the triggers fired, you need, for starters, make sure import would run the inserts in the right order. Since import doesn't know the right order...

I've not done enough with oracle lately to have the right commands ready, but what you need to do is export in such a way that you can insert with an SQL script instead of import.
Every problem has at least one solution. Only some solutions are harder to find.
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Triggers were not fired during import of data

I suppose it should go to Oracle forum.

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