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Trouble adding hfs disk

Tracie Davis

Trouble adding hfs disk

Hi All,

I am trying to add a hfs disk drive.
but when I attempted to add it via
SAM -> Disks and File Systems -> Disk Devices Click the "Unused" disk, go to Actions, Add,
Not Using The LVM, Type in mount dir.,
Modify defaults...

I got the following error:
mkfs (hfs) /dev/rdsk/c0t11d0 is a logical volume device.

I can't find any lvm info in the /etc/fstab, lvmtab. I don't understand. Please help.

Michael Lampi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Trouble adding hfs disk

Assuming that the drive is not somehow part of an lvm group, then it might be possible that there is an lvm signature on the drive.

To remove this signature you could copy a large file to /dev/rdsk/c0t11d0.

There are other ways to recover the lvm information and delete it using lvm commands, but this is faster.

If worse comes to worst, you could always mediainit the drive.
A journey of 1000 steps ends in a mile.
Bruce Regittko_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Trouble adding hfs disk


According to the man page for mkfs_hfs(1m), a disk that was a LVM disk cannot have a whole-disk hfs filesystem placed on it. The man page says to reinitialize the disk with mediainit(1). A much faster solution would be to overwrite the roughly 3MB of LVM data at the beginning of the disk. The following command will so just that:

dd if=/stand/vmunix of=/dev/dsk/c0t8d0 bs=8192 count=50

Be careful with the dd command! Reversing the if file and the of file will overwrite your kernel. See the man page for more infomation.

Steven Sim Kok Leong
Honored Contributor

Re: Trouble adding hfs disk


Based on the error "mkfs (hfs) /dev/rdsk/c0t11d0 is not a logical volume device", I would think that SAM is attempting to create a filesystem on a raw disk device rather than a raw logical volume.

If you are using LVM, then mkfs should be applied to raw logical volumes instead of raw disk devices.

You should try newfs at the command line on the proper raw logical volume which should look like /dev/vg00/rlvol11 and see if it works properly.

Hope this helps. Regards.

Steven Sim Kok Leong
Brainbench MVP for Unix Admin
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