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Trying to duplicate production box

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Tim Krego_2
Frequent Advisor

Trying to duplicate production box

I think this is done often by others.

I have been trying to duplicate our production database box from scratch. I did the OS install, Oracle install, etc. I have a few hangups with copying the datafiles and duplicating the Oracle instance. What I would rather do is backup our production box and restore the tapes to our dev box.

Our setup:

K460 w/AutoRaid, Oracle 8.1.6/WebDB 2.2, production box

K460 4-4GB drives, identical memory/cpu config

My plan was to backup vg00 using make_tape_recovery. Then use fbackup to copy everything else.

One of the questions I have is how to restore the files to the dev box that does not have AutoRAID. As long as I have the mount points would Oracle care what volume groups the files/data are on?

I think it doesn't, but being new to unix and Oracle my brain has stopped working because of overload. I have been reading these forums for 4+ months now, but I'm still expanding my knowledge.


A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Trying to duplicate production box

Oracle doesn't care just so long as the same full pathnames are used. You can actually restore to anywhere and simply setup symbolic links bewtween where Oracle expects the files and where they actually are located. This is my standard way of setting up a sandbox from a backup of production. I usually just make sure that the mountpoints are the same and all is well.

If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Roger Baptiste
Honored Contributor

Re: Trying to duplicate production box


Sounds good.


It does not matter whether
you have Autoraid or not,
as long as the disk space
is available to restore
the data. Performance will
not be the same as in Production, but i think that
is not a concern.


If the db is a filesystem
only db, it should not matter
at all.
If the Db has raw volumes,
then you would need to
get the DBA to change the
datafile links to the new lv
names within the database. OR you have the choice
of creating links to the newLV with the old LV which
is sort of messy.

Take it easy.
Tim Krego_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: Trying to duplicate production box

Yes, the speed won't be an issue and the datafiles are on os filesystems not raw.

Is it OK to just shutdown Oracle before backing up the program and datafiles? Or should I reboot to single user before running fbackup? That is assuming I have all the file systems mounted.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Trying to duplicate production box

Hi Timothy:

Shutting down Oracle should be adequate.

One of the nice features of 'fbackup' is that it notes the modification timestamp of a file when it starts to back it up. Once the file has been copied to tape, the timestamp is compared to the one when the copy started. If they differ, the tape copy is marked "bad" and the copy is retried from disk. This will occur up to and including [see 'man 1M fbackup']. When you attempt to restore from the tape so made, all bad copies are ignored until/if a good one is found.

Now, obviously, you want inter-consistency among tables and indices, so you *still* don't want your database up in and inuse during copies of any of its structures. Shutting down Oracle should be enough.


Roger Baptiste
Honored Contributor

Re: Trying to duplicate production box

Yes, you would definitely
need to Shutdown oracle, whenever you are taking it''s
copy/backup !!

Since this is a Filesystem only Database, you have saved
yourself some pain ;-)

Take it easy.