Re: Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

Craig Scrivner
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Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

I recently purchased a Pavilion 6630 to serve as a dual-boot Linux
RH6.0/Windows 98 box.

I have been unable to get my ethernet card (NetGear FA310TX) to function under
Linux, though it does work under Windows. I had this card working in another
Linux box that recently bit the dust. In that box, I had to turn off
Plug-and-Play in the BIOS to get things working, and I would like to do the
same on the 6630. However, it does not appear that the BIOS has the option of
turning off PnP. Is this true, or is the setting just obscure?

I noticed an earlier thread "Linux Bad IRQ setting..." in this forum that
started with a message by Joaquin Negron (linked to below) about a getting a
network card to work in a Pavilion 8560. That discussion petered out at the
point where Joaquin had received the suggestion to turn off PnP in the BIOS and
he replied that he could not find that option in the BIOS settings. Is that
where the issue stands with some or all of the Pavilion BIOSes?
Patrick Watts_1
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Re: Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

I would suspect that the option is selectable via the "Installed O/S" under the
Advanced menu settings, although I don't have a 6630 here to verify. I have
included a link to a Pavillion support web page with Bios information for the
6630. Please note that PCI device slots are configurable on this model.
Fdsfds Fddfdf
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Re: Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

Can sombody please tell me how to change vga memory my bios doesnt have that
line and i dont know how.
I have 6630, and when i go to bios to change the memory on my intel 810 chipset
video card it doesnt say anywhere how to change it.

Email me at

Scott Wagner_1
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Re: Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

I learned today via comp.os.linux.setup that I'll likely need to disable PnP in
my Pavilion 6635 to make it work. I, too, am unable to find an option in the
BIOS to disable PnP.

I've tried an HP network card, a LINKSYS card (which worked out of the box on
my IBM box), and now the netgear all unsuccessfully.

If anyone has found a method to get LINUX networking to work on a 6535, I would
appreciate the input!
Craig Scrivner
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Re: Turning off PnP in Pavilion 6630 BIOS

For future reference to others who may run into the same problem I had:

I wanted to confirm the accuracy of Patrick Watts' suggestion to change the
"Installed OS" setting in the BIOS to turn off Plug-and-Play on a Pavilion

Changing the value of this setting from Windows98 to Other made it possible for
me to get my ethernet cards running on linux.

Thanks Patrick,