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USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1

Brendan Newport_2
Frequent Advisor

USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1


I'm seeking to investigate creating bootable Ignite recovery DVD's from an RX4640, using a USB 2.0 HP dvd1040e drive.

A patch required (and its dependencies) is PHKL_37814 (

and under "Other Dependencies" is the statement;

The enhanced functionality in this patch (USB 2.0 speed support, DVD write capability, and support for additional USB devices) is enabled by a separate bundle "USB-00" version "D.11.23.0804" or later. The enhanced functionality will be automatically disabled by the installation of any earlier version of "USB-00".

I have just version C.01.04.01 installed of USB-00 - and I am struggling to find D.11.23.0804 from any download source. I suspect it is part of a more recent base OS release - though the patch readme doesn't detail a specific 11.23 release as a dependency.

Can anyone please assist in identifying a source for a more recent version of USB-00?


Ivan Krastev
Honored Contributor

Re: USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1

You can find it in the June 2008 release media -

CPL Product: USB-00
Codeword Req.: No
Size: 5605978
Revision: C.01.04.07
Description: USB Subsystem and Drivers

Brendan Newport_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1

Hum. Had a suspicion that would be the case.

I will go about seeing if I can secure that media.

Brendan Newport_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1

I think there was some confusion in Support for this patch, and how it relates to the USB-00 package.

This found at

"Delivery Mechanism

The USB driver subsystem is no longer be provided as an ISU product. Instead, it will be a part of the core HP-UX offering.

Accordingly, this new support is delivered via patches. The primary patch used to make this transition and deliver the new USB functionality on HP-UX 11iv2 is PHKL_37814.
It in turn has co-requisites PHKL_38168, PHKL_37869, and PHCO_37930.

In order for PHKL_37814 (and therefore the new functionality) to be operational, there can be no version of the USB-00 ISU product on the system earlier than version D. Version D of USB-00 is not yet available.

Accordingly, one should simply remove all earlier versions of USB-00 (e.g.,
C.01.04.07) from the system. Use the command â swlist USB-00â to determine what version (if any) of USB-00 is installed on your system.

So, to recap, enabling the new functionality is done by:

1) swremove USB-00 (if it is installed on your system)

2) swinstall PHKL_37814 and its prerequisites"

These instructions specify removing the USB-00 package in its entirety, including version C.01.04.07, rather than upgrading to this version via the April 2008 HP-UX distribution, and then installing the PHKL_3784 patch and its dependencies - all of which conflict utterly with the patch readme for PHKL_3784.

So I guess the solution is try every combination until something works...
Brendan Newport_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: USB-00 and patch PHKL_37814-1

Removing the patches, then USB-00 and then reinstalling the patches have a beneficial impact it seems.

Here's an ioscan before;

0/0/2/0 OO USB OHCI Interface
0/0/2/1 OO USB OHCI Interface
0/0/2/2 OO USB EHCI Interface

and with just the patch 38714 installed;

Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
usb 0 0/0/2/0 hcd CLAIMED INTERFACE NEC OHCI Controller
usb 1 0/0/2/1 hcd CLAIMED INTERFACE NEC OHCI Controller
usb 2 0/0/2/2 ehci CLAIMED INTERFACE NEC EHCI Controller

I now have an individual driver for the USB 1.1 ports and an ehci driver for the single USB 2.0 port!