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USB POrt Problem

Romeo Ballesteros
Occasional Visitor

USB POrt Problem

I have an EVO 1020V, I alwayus got a problem on adding hardware such as additional storages, TV tuner using USB port, it seems that power output does not much the required power to run additional hardware. Do you have remedies for this, is there any hardware to be added to correct this. Is'nt it that EVO 1020V does not comply with the FCC Standard when it comes to USB port power limits. Appreciate your technical answer on this.
John Yu_1
Valued Contributor

Re: USB POrt Problem

Invest in a powered usb hub - these are often available for ~$20 numerous makes Belkin, D-Link and Linksys. Typically USD CDRW and HD's draw power from an A/C cable because there's a 500mV limit/per port.

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