Re: USB devices on t5525

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USB devices on t5525

Im trying to get some USB memory stick's to work whit a HP t5525, and are using supermount.

The problem is that every usb device i put in the client ends up whit a new device name (/dev/sda1 /dev/stb1 and on), does anyone know any solution to force a usb memory to just /dev/sda1 or any other way to solve this problem?

(the client are going to be placed in a classrom and there will be usb sticks in and out of it dayly)
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Re: USB devices on t5525

The device names are probably being assigned in the order of connection.

If all the machines are the same and the memory stick is last in they should all get the same address.

Boot the machines daily.

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Re: USB devices on t5525

If you run the command eject, isn't the device removed?

I think that users should run eject before removing the USG device.

Or, you should find out a way to run to remove the unused entries regularly. (maybe as a script to remove the device). Instruct users to use the script.
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Re: USB devices on t5525

the thin client dosent have eject.
is there a way to force a module thats in use or have it rescan for devices every 5sec?

Im a newbe at Linux and for what i can tell it seams like a modulel named usb-storage.o lock up the devices that it find and cant relese them again.